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Canvas Candle Co- Drift Gold Travel Tin Candle

Canvas Candle Co- Drift Gold Travel Tin Candle

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Scent Notes: White Pine + Citrus

The timeless allure of the colder months draws tranquil moments from nature with this winter-esque scent-for the coziest time of year! Drift transports you to a serene forest landscape where notes of white pine fills the air, like a crisp breeze drifting its way through the trees.  

Sweet notes of citrus – reminiscent of freshly peeled oranges– accompany the woody aroma for a burst of sunshine in your home every time you burn this invigorating soy candle.

Drift invites the most welcoming atmosphere before hitting the slopes or game-night gatherings amongst family and friends. 

6oz Gold Travel Tin,  Each Gold Travel Tin Candle will burn up to 40hrs. 

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