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Canvas Candle Co- Vineyard

Canvas Candle Co- Vineyard

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Scent Notes: Tart Plum / Grenache / Amber

Vineyard will have you making plans to meet your friends at the local winery this weekend to enjoy some delicious wines while taking in the stunning scenery of the vineyard before you. Let your eyes wander from the immaculate rows of old vines, to the vibrant colours of the wine  and enjoy these slow moments as you create memories in laughter!

Just like the experience of an afternoon at a winery, Vineyard has sophisticated richness to its fragrance. It opens up the intriguing aroma of tart plum that offers a vibrant juiciness that immediately captivates your sensed and leads into a complex Grenache blend followed by a velvety amber finish. Vineyard is like a complex wine that just keeps getting better as time passes! 

Vineyard is part of our Weekender Collection (S/S 2024) and is a ‘limited edition’ candle available until September 2024.

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